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Lade Tawak

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The African Tech
Woman Podcast

  • Agenda-changing women of African descent who are building tech-enabled businesses in Africa share their fascinating journeys with us.
  • Hear them talk frankly and directly of their triumphs, challenges and lessons learned.
  • Each episode will inspire and help you overcome the hurdles of building a tech startup in Africa as a female leader.

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Featured Episodes

#D08 - Gbemisola Abijo

Interviewed by Lade Tawak

Gbemisola Abijo, Product Designer at Sterling Bank, joins us on this episode to discuss the importance of collaboration in design, how designers can get better at what they do and makes an argument for why people should be specialists. She also shares her view on how designers can work better with developers and highlights the elements that influence good design.  We also learn what differentiates a product designer from a UI/UX designer.

#D07 - Orezi Omokiti

Interviewed by Lade Tawak

Working remotely comes with its own challenges but it’s a whole different ball game in a country like Nigeria. Orezi Omokiti, UX Designer at Synergy Designs takes us into the world of remote work in Nigeria. On this episode you’ll  learn the biggest plague working with a mature product team, how she handles developer handoffs and her take on learning to code as a designer.

#006 - Khadijah Abu

Interviewed by Joké Adekunle

Khadijah Abu, Head of Products at Paystack – the Nigerian payments company building Africa’s Stripe – sat with us to describe her fascinating and unconventional journey into Product Management. She also candidly sheds light on the often unglamorous aspects of being a Product Manager.

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