#002 – Odun Longe – Ask For Help (Part One)

By January 9, 2019 Female Founders


Odun Longe, Co-Founder and CEO of DIYLaw a Legal Tech Startup in Nigeria, dives deep into how her company evolved from a side-gig, tough challenges experienced building a business in Africa and shares some practical advice for female founders and leaders.


Show Notes

  • You can build your business as a side-gig – learn how Odun Longe did it.
  • Career Advice for female entrepreneurs – ASK. Learn how Odun Longe has applied it to building her business.
  • Learn how Odun deals with existing stereotypes and unconscious biases against women in tech – learn how Odun deals with them.
  • Founders have their highs and lows, learn how working with a cofounder helps a business.
  • There’ll always be challenges in running your startup – so don’t ever give up.