#002 – Odun Longe – Legal Lessons for Startups and Founders (Part Two)


We are back with the second part of our discussion with Odun Longe, Co-Founder and CEO of DIYLaw a Legal Tech Startup in Nigeria.  If you missed the first part, you can listen to it here.

In this super-engaging episode, Odun dives deep into business-critical legal issues. From common mistakes founders make to effective ways of engaging investors and includes lots of actionable ideas on how co-founders can build a company together.


Show Notes

  • Founders need to enter a Founders’ Agreement with their co-founders. Learn about Founders’ Agreement.
  • Thinking you don’t need legal is a common legal mistake startup founders make. Learn about this and other common legal mistakes founders make when building their  startup.
  • A co-founder relationship is like a marriage, learn Odun’s perspective about Co-founder relationships and what she thinks causes friction in cofounder relationships.
  • How does Odun Longe make it work with her cofounders and what can you apply to running your business with a co-founder(s), hear what she has to say about that.
  • Founders have their highs and lows, learn how working with a co-founder helps a business.