#004 – Odun Eweniyi – Don’t Ask For Permission

By February 25, 2019 Female Founders, Startups


Odun Eweniyi is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of PiggyVest, which was formerly called Piggybank.ng, a fast growth savings platform in Africa with over 200,000 users and raised a seed round in 2018. She shared her experience running her first startup – PushCV and how she co-founded PiggyVest with her team, her experience as a woman in tech and how she’s supporting other women in tech.

Show Notes

  1. Great ideas are sometimes super ordinary. Inspiration for PiggyVest started from a tweet! Hear Odun’s story.
  2. Don’t found companies with people who are not your friends. There’ll be tough days for the business and there’ll be days you need to have tough conversations.
  3. Don’t hire too fast. Even when you raise money, be deliberate about every penny you spend. Odun says if resources won’t move you from point A to B, don’t spend on it. Hear her perspective.
  4. Women in leadership positions have a strong role to play in helping more women launch careers in tech.
  5. Learn from mistakes but be resilient enough to move from them. Dwelling on your mistakes keep you from growing.