#005 – Caroline Esinam Adzogble – Girls Need to Know They Have Options


Caroline Esinam Adzogble is a 27-year old serial entrepreneur and founder of IAES Africa, a platform promoting International student recruitment  across the continent. She started out 8 years ago with her laptop and a big dream – to empower Africans through education. She has since built successful businesses centred on education including: IAES Africa, through which she launched Admission-in-30 Minutes – a platform that bridges the gap between students and educational institutions around the world, and she recently earned recognition as the youngest African female to own an Accredited International College.

Caroline walks us through her inspiring journey, the challenges she experienced starting out as a teenage African girl and how she’s using technology to break traditional barriers in education across Africa.


Show Notes


  1. As an entrepreneur and a leader, not everyone will understand you. Listen to Caroline explain her challenges in her early years  as an entrepreneur.
  2. It’s important to have a support system. Caroline’s decision to chase her entrepreneurial dreams instead of completing an education was strongly supported by her father and she’s changed the narrative for her siblings by supporting them too. Hear her talk about this.
  3. Successful women have a strong role to play for more girls and women to chase careers in tech. Caroline believes leading women need to create opportunities for girls and young women to be exposed to career opportunities in tech. Listen to her take on this.
  4. Networking tip – gather as much information as you can about your prospects. Caroline uses the internet as a tool for meeting people and closing important deals, but having ample information about her prospects has always put her a step ahead.