#006 – Khadijah Abu – You Have to be Ready to Put in The Work


Khadijah Abu, Head of Products at Paystack – the Nigerian payments company building Africa’s Stripe – sat with us to describe her fascinating and unconventional journey into Product Management.

She also shares how she initiated the fast-growing Product Tank Lagos professional business community as a way to get more product managers under one roof so everyone could learn from each other.

And she candidly sheds light on the often unglamorous aspects of being a Product Manager.


Show Notes

  • Eyes on the prize – according to Khadijah, being a product manager can be gruelling work so you have to be ready to commit to it one hundred percent. Listen to how she accomplishes this yet still finds her work exciting.
  • The first way to succeed in Product Management is to be able to break things down to first principles. Scrutinise and analyse why things are the way they are and then think through ways in which they can be improved.
  • Good Product Managers lead through influence – your role will require you to convince people across teams to drive your product vision and this needs powerful communication and people skills. Hear Khadijah explain why this is so vitally important.
  • Find a company that allows you make mistakes – Good Product Management can take a lot of iteration so you can only thrive in a work environment that allows you to make mistakes and learn from them.