#007 – Nkemdilim Begho – Learn Like Your Life Depends on it


Nkemdilim Begho, Managing Director of Future Software Resources Ltd, an IT Solutions Provider which she founded in 2008, took us for a walk down memory lane on the significant life decisions that shaped her entrepreneurial journey, sharing important lessons along the way for women who want to be visible in the workplace and how having a robust support system has helped her thrive in her career.

Show Notes

You Need Discipline to be an Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship doesn’t just require hard work but firm discipline too because you’re answerable both to yourself and to the people working with you.

Sometimes, Having Tunnel Vision Helps: There are times you must focus exclusively on your goals without getting distracted by how you are perceived or who is biased against you. Hear Nkem’s forthright take on this.

Be Deliberate About What You Want and Go For it: Nkem thinks more women need to be self-centred when it comes to their careers, prioritise what they want to learn and speak up about it.

If You Like Tech, Go For Tech and Don’t Worry if You Are The Only Woman in Tech: Nkem believes that women who are truly passionate about working in tech and succeeding in their role worry less about whether they are the only tech woman in their company. Hear her unique convention-smashing opinion about this.

You Need to Tell Your Own Story: Because the more you tell your story, the more you believe it yourself and the more other people will start to believe it too.