#008 – Tosin Faniro-Dada – Tech is for Everybody


Tosin Faniro-Dada, Head of Startups at Lagos Innovates, a Lagos State Employment Trust Fund initiative, shares with us her career journey since relocating to Nigeria, her fascinating transition into tech, and the important, essential skills she needed to learn to help her career take off. She also talks about potential career options for women who don’t code and the brilliant opportunities open to entrepreneurs and freelancers through the Lagos Innovates program.


Show Notes

Know The Value You Are bringing: Tosin believes this is a must-have mindset whatever work situation you are in. Knowing exactly what value you bring increases your confidence and accelerates putting you in front of the right people.

Don’t shy away from opportunities: In Tosin’s experience, too many women shy away from opportunities to be visible which she believes hinders career and life-changing opportunities for these women. Hear how making and taking opportunities to be highly visible has massively helped her work at Lagos Innovates.

Be a Team Player: According to Tosin, no matter how fantastic your work is, you won’t go far by yourself. People want to work with, promote and support people they like, admire or respect so you definitely need solid people management skills to get more people on your side.

Tech is for everybody: Your gender shouldn’t stop you from chasing a career in tech and since there are so many varied opportunities in tech for people who don’t code you have absolutely no excuse not to go for it.