What We Do

The African Tech Woman organisation champions African women actively contributing to the continent's growth through technology. Through our expanding range of channels, platforms, products and services we aim to help even more African women start and grow businesses in technology and provide great opportunities for female African tech founders and leaders.

How We Do It

On our essential podcast, key agenda-setters share with us their journey into technology - and explain how what they do impacts their immediate environment, their communities and Africa as a whole.

Much more than just a regular podcast, it’s a platform amplifying the narrative of the developing African tech ecosystem, shining a vital spotlight on the brave women with the courage and determination to embark on the journey to build the Africa they want to see.

In each episode, specially invited African female tech leaders with strong voices delve deep as they share their business passions centered around their experiences running tech-enabled businesses in the continent. We learn first-hand how these women are transforming the business landscape as founders, senior executives, investors and policy makers.

And expanding series of exciting channels, products and services will be released throughout 2019.