FAQs for Host Application

What is The African Tech Woman Podcast?

A podcast of podcasts bringing women together to share and exchange ideas spanning different fields. Through this podcast, we amplify the voices and faces of women contributing to the growth of the continent’s tech ecosystem, while inspiring more women to build careers in tech and providing access to numerous opportunities to foster their growth. 

Will this be my own show?

Yes, literally. Think of this as your own show within a broadcast network focused on African women in technology.

What’s the podcast format?

The standard podcast format for TATWPod is interview style however, we’ll also consider solo-casts for specific fields or for hosts with exceptional content.

Where are your studios located?

Our studio is based in Lagos, Nigeria with plans to expand into other cities in the near future.

What are the possible ways to interview guests?

We strongly recommend in-person interviews as this gives you greater control as a host, you can better match the tone and body language of guests. You can also explore virtual interviews over Skype, Hangouts Meet or Anchor in cases where your guests are geographically distant from you but this comes with downsides such as connectivity issues, difficulty with conversation flow amongst others. 

What will be my role?

  • You only need to find your first 10 guests, invite them to join you in the studio for the recording. 
  • You’ll be required to provide all necessary details about the guests to the production team, including: portraits, profile summaries, topics discussed and social media handles.
  • You’ll also be required to self-promote the segment with your community of friends and colleagues who are potential listeners.

How do you support?

We provide you the tools and access to the studio for recording, we promote your show to our owned and partner channels, and when we monetise your segment, we split a % of the revenue with you. You also get the opportunity to promote yourself as a thought-leader for the segment you host.

How many hosts can there be for a segment?

We currently only have room for one host per segment and will only consider an additional host if the podcast format is different from the existing segment – apply to host a segment here.